Canada's Covid Coup

"In a crisis - and politics is one permanent crisis - those in power could always declare a state of emergency to justify exceptional measures." A. Koestler

A few years ago, Justin Trudeau infamously stated how he admired China’s basic dictatorship for its ability to get things done. 

Take a Great Leap Forward in time, and the statement once mocked by his critics is no longer a laughing matter. In fact, criticizing, questioning or challenging the government’s official stance is now a liberty threatened by upcoming legislation to regulate online content similar to other authoritarian countries. 

And authoritarian is what Canada’s leadership has become. The totalitarian two-step has turned into a sprint, with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms getting trampled on. The most basic tenets of the charter have been usurped by the police state. Canadians are living in a never ending cycle of lockdowns and Covid restrictions, ever increasing in length and severity. The eastern provinces have been indefinitely shut off from the rest of the country, and every other country, for the duration of this manufactured crisis, driven by a Zero Covid delusion dreamed up by Canada’s scientific advisors without them ever admitting that this is what is taking place. 

Likewise, Ontario, Canada’s largest and most populated province, has become one of the most despotic places in North America, with a shield of police officers surrounding its provincial borders, again, at the behest of the public health officials, with zero transparency. 

This has been ushered in with Covid media actors; TV doctors, scientists and journalists, who manipulate the public in lockstep as to what the newest boogeyman is, and the next restriction will be. 

From the Pravda-style official mouthpiece media outlets, to the millions of tax-payer dollars poured into highly controlled government propaganda campaigns, the tightly spun narrative of Covid in Canada has been orchestrated in a top-down, synchronized fashion. Every official media outlet is now directly funded by the federal government, and the lingering independent media, are subject to harassmentlawsuitsinvestigations, and outright censorship. Anyone who questions or challenges the government’s narrative is dragged through the mud, censored, ridiculed and silenced. They are slandered as conspiracy theorists and dangerous dissenters.

In the same fashion, the federal government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars into various projects to “fight Covid-19”, including task forces supposedly aimed at understanding and combating the virus. 

The Covid-19 immunity task force is a federal initiative that was launched in April 2020, based at McGill University’s School of Population and Global Health. It is chaired by Dr. Catherine Hankins, Professor of Public and Population Health at Mcgill, and David Naylor, former president of the University of Toronto. 

According to their mission statement, the immunity task force was mandated to “lead a Canada-wide effort to help determine the extent of infection in Canada, understand the nature of immunity following infection, and develop improved antibody testing methods. In December 2020, the Task Force was assigned an additional role in vaccine surveillance and, in addition, the Vaccine Surveillance Reference Group was formed.” 

From the very beginning, the task force seemed less interested in truly understanding Covid and the nature of its threat, than dogmatically basing their approach on a predetermined theory. 

In both their preliminary and final report, the taskforce omitted the existence of T-Cells which have long-established peer-reviewed evidence for immunity against respiratory viruses, including coronaviruses. They also failed to acknowledge or explore pre-existing cross-protective immunity, another common feature of respiratory viruses.

They also dismissed natural herd immunity, and different potential treatments or prevention tools, such as Hydroxychloroquin, ivermectin and vitamin D, labelling them dangerous conspiracy theories. They instead focused solely on antibody testing and vaccinations. Drawing on blood samples from different demographics of the population, a publication by McGill University stated that “Canada will work with other countries in defining serological protocols through networks facilitated by the World Health Organization and the Wellcome Trust.” 

Last year, the WHO received over 500 million dollars from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, making it the second highest donor. The U.S., formerly the largest donor, froze its ongoing contributions. Meanwhile, the Communist Party of China donated close to 100 million dollars, and pledged another 30 million to aid with the WHO’s coronavirus response. 

Canada’s immunity task force also extends its secretariat to the Public Health Agency of Canada, therefore granting de facto leadership to Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, and Dr. Timothy Evans, Director of the School of Population and Global Health at McGill, among others.

Timothy Evans, who was a player at the Event 201 roundtable, “was Assistant Director General at the World Health Organization (from 2003 to 2010). Prior to this, he served as Director of the Health Equity Theme at the Rockefeller Foundation.” He is also a “co-founder of many partnerships including the Global Alliance on Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).”

David Naylor, aforementioned co-chair of the immunity taskforce, was also Chair of the National Advisory Committee on SARS and Public Health, 2003, following the outbreak of SARS in Ontario. He wrote the SARS report, which recommended a complete refurbishment of the public health sector. He was a key player of the posse during the establishment of The Public Health Agency of Canada, and with it the creation of powerful, novel positions resulting in the public health aristocracy of today. 

That unelected public health bureaucracy includes positions and people whom, in a crisis, have enormous authority.  Theresa Tam is one of those people, as is Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health.

We are now seeing them flex their overwhelming dictatorial powers today.

Theresa Tam has well-known deep ties with the WHO, serving on multiple committees. Hajdu has associations with the World Economic Forum, whose leader has called Covid an opportunity for a great reset, which is essentially a centrally planned 4th industrial revolution forced in at warp speed. During the ongoing Covid crisis, Hajdu recently attended a secret meeting with the WEF to discuss travel and border closures. The information discussed has yet to be disclosed to Canadian citizens. 

The Immunity Task Force co-chair Catherine Hankins also has ties to the elitist, globalist and deeply compromised World Health Organization. 

Hankins produced a paper for the WHO in 2016 called “Good participatory practice guidelines for trials of emerging (and re-emerging) pathogens that are likely to cause severe outbreaks in the near future and for which few or no medical countermeasures exist.” 

The WHO then drew on Hankin’s paper to create their 2020 document called “Good Participatory Practice for COVID-19 clinical trials: a toolbox”. In the introduction, they state: “This document is based on GPP-EP guidelines that were prepared by Dr Catherine Hankins for the World Health Organization in December 2016, and is a synthesis of key action points.

Some of the key points in this document include the following:

Informed consent must be supported by sensitivity to power imbalances and locally appropriate materials (e.g. methods of confirming consent beyond conventional signature (verbal, thumbprint), options to signed forms, local definition of 'minor', capacity, etc.) that ensure valid, free and voluntary consent while avoiding false hope and therapeutic misconception”.

If the implications of confirming consent beyond conventional means and changing the definition of minor are not alarming enough, consider what these ideas mean in practice. 

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While one co-chair of Canada’s federal taskforce is completely enmeshed with the WHO, and the other was instrumental in the creation of the Public Health Agency of Canada, which was arguably instated post-SARS to serve as a branch of the WHO.

This is made apparent in Bill C-12, the Quarantine Act, which was created to replace and repeal the original Act two weeks after the Public Health Agency of Canada was created, following David Naylor’s recommendations. 

It reads: 

the World Health Organization (WHO) is currently revising its 1969 International Health Regulations (IHR), which help to ensure maximum security against the international spread of diseases while minimizing interference to world traffic.  

The IHR involve: 

notification by member states to the WHO of specified communicable diseases;

health-related rules for international trade and travel;

health and sanitation methods; andhealth documentation for travellers.

The proposed revision of the IHR contains four major changes.  First, member states would be required to notify WHO of all events that potentially constitute a public health emergency of international concern, irrespective of cause.  Second, the IHR would be the legal framework for a global health security epidemic alert and response strategy.  Third, each member state would designate a national centre to act as the contact point for WHO.  And finally, the IHR would set out the minimum core surveillance and response capacities required at the national level.  Bill C-12 is aligned with Canada’s obligation under the IHR and responds to the May 2003 request by the WHO that countries take steps to enhance, support and strengthen national efforts to address the SARS outbreak.”

The Quarantine Act has been invoked to justify and enforce the strictest Covid restrictions in North America, including sweeping stay at home orders, the detention of travellers, the disclosure of personal information without consent, the shuttering of businesses, schools and places of worship, curfews and heavy police surveillance. 

According to the National Post:  “Although the new measures would not pass Charter of Rights muster under any conventional circumstances, they are made possible thanks to wide-reaching provisions contained in the Canadian Quarantine Act. The 2005 act specifically empowers warrantless arrests, and allows peace officers to detain anyone they “believe has refused to be isolated or refuses to comply with a measure.”

And now, the press and other Covid media actors, have been suggesting that the current measures are not enough, and seem to be foreshadowing the invocation of the Emergencies Act, formerly known as the War Measures Act. Historically, it has only been used three times;  during WWI, WWII, and during the FLQ October Crisis in 1970 by Pierre Trudeau. 

It “gives the government exceptional powers, including the ability to restrict travel to, from or within any specified area within the country, acquire private property and impose fines for any one who contravenes any order or regulation made under the act.” (National Post)

These are the exact kind of travel restrictions, border closures and civil liberty assaults that the authors of the Zero Covid strategy, called the Canadian Shield, have been advocating for months. Suddenly, scientists, doctors, journalists and politicians are now simultaneously demanding them. 

Arthur Koestler, who had a deep and personal understanding of Stalinism, Fascism and Nazism, wrote the following in his 1941 novel “Darkness at Noon”:

There are only two concepts of human ethics and they are polar opposites. One is Christian-humanitarian and declares that the individual is sacred and maintains that no calculations be done with blood. 

The other is based on the principle that the collective goal justifies the means, and this not only allows but requires that the individual be subordinated to the collective in every way, including as a guinea pig or sacrificial lamb. 

In a crisis - and politics is one permanent crisis - those in power could always declare a state of emergency to justify exceptional measures.

For as long as there have been nations and classes, they live in a state of mutual self-defence, which constantly forces them to postpone their humanistic program to some ‘later date’...”

Two weeks to flatten the curve.

When a country’s Minister of Health goes so far as to blatantly denounce the supplementation of Vitamin D as fake news, because it doesn’t come from governmental sources, it becomes glaringly obvious that Canadians are victims of gaslighting and abuse from the highest level. 

Canada’s Covid response is the opposite of health-minded. An official narrative of massive lies and fear-inducing propaganda has weakened the bodies and damaged the psyches of its citizens. The ongoing malignant abuse has primed the people for a totalitarian coup

The real cure to the Covid crisis is to turn off your television, go outside, take a deep breath, and step into the light.