Don't be so Smug, Canada

Americans are living the good life again, while Canadians choose to live in misery.

Canadians continue to put normal life on hold, with the population most recently held hostage by Theresa Tam’s announcement that we must wait until 75 per cent of adults have received their first doses and 20 per cent have received their second doses of vaccines.

This means that the federal government has no intention of seeing lockdowns lifted until sometime in the summer, at the earliest.

A key related question is whether 75 per cent of Canadians even want to get the vaccine now. What happens then?

Meanwhile, while Canadians sheepishly await direction from their political and public health leaders for permission to live a normal (or quasi-normal) life again, every American adult now at least has the option of getting a vaccine, and life is quickly returning to normal.

Why are we content with seeing ourselves denied the fundamental joys and freedoms of normal life while our American siblings reclaim their lives?

If we Canadians believe our country is better than the United States - or at least manifest feelings of inferiority through displays of superiority - then why are we okay with accepting a significantly lower quality of life in our country?

Let’s take a look at how normal life is blossoming again in America.

UFC 261, Jacksonville Florida (note the Canadian flag in the rafters):

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Texas Rangers (obviously in Texas, not Toronto):

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spending time with our beloved Stanley Cup:

Normal life in Georgia:

Normal life in Kansas:

Normal life in Indiana:

Normal life in Nebraska:

Normal life in North Carolina:

Normal life in Kentucky:

Normal life in Missouri:

Normal life in Florida:

Normal life in South Carolina:

Normal life in Colorado:

Normal life in Tennessee:

Normal life in Texas:

Normal life in South Dakota: